Hey everyone! We thought it was about time to introduce ourselves. We’re Nick and Jason, and we’re the founders of BirdieWrap.

We’ve both been playing golf since we were really young, love everything about the game, and are out on the course or the range as much as possible. We’re huge PGA & LPGA fans, and try to follow as much Symetra and Korn Ferry Tour action as we can find (we wish more of it was televised!). Earlier this year we became a proud sponsor of Sarah White, a winner on the Symetra Tour!

The idea for BirdieWrap came to us on a long drive from Seattle to Kokanee Springs in Canada for, you guessed it, a golf weekend. We had worn generic white medical tape for years to cover hotspots, blisters, and cuts on our fingers and were frustrated that there wasn’t a better option. We wanted a tape for golf that could stretch and flex over knuckles, would easily stay on for hours, and was pre-cut to make it easy to use. When we got home from the trip we started working with manufacturers on prototypes, and launched BirdieWrap™️ less than a year later.

Like many small businesses, we do everything – pack and ship your orders, handle customer support, work with our suppliers, manage social media, you name it we do it.

We appreciate all the support we’ve had over the last year and a half; SO many people and small businesses to thank. If you’ve got a small golf business (or any small business) and we can help you, please reach out. We’ve learned a ton in starting up and will share anything we know.

We hope everyone is looking forward to 2022 being a great golf year, no matter where you’re playing. We’ve got lots of big things planned for BirdieWrap and we’re working hard to make them happen. See you out on the course!

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  • What’s up, Nick & Jason!
    First, I just want to say congratulations to BirdieWrap!!
    I stumbled upon this tape for the first time on the golf course playing w/ some random bro. It was on the 1st Teebox, prepping for the round ahead I saw his tape (blue), we actually swapped 2 for 2. I had “ProSports Tape”, it’s pre-cut as well.
    Ultimately, I fell in love w/ BirdieWrap..! ProSportsTape would-be be my #2; BirdieWrap is far more softer, & more flexible!

    Richard Pak on

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