Before BirdieWrap, I never used tape on my fingers for playing golf. I’ve always seen Tiger Woods use tape along with a couple of other tour pros but I didn’t think I needed it. Once I decided to get back into playing competitive golf two years ago, I found out that my fingers were getting hot spots and raw after my rounds of golf. I started using athletic tape and it didn’t help at all. Worst choice for tape! It didn’t feel comfortable at all. I found BirdieWrap last year and what a game changer it has been. BirdieWrap is super comfortable, stretchy and it stays on for the entire round of golf with no problems at all. My hands are happy to have found BirdieWrap.
Before BirdieWrap, when my blister flared up on my pinkie finger in hot, humid South Georgia, I tried everything from band-aids to liquid bandage to athletic tape to wearing two gloves. Band-Aids slid off after every swing, liquid bandage peeled off immediately, and athletic tape rubbed as it slid around, made my blister worse, and left sticky residue. Some days I just couldn’t golf - I had to wait for it to heal.
Then came BirdieWrap…this adhesive tape rescued my hands. One piece of BirdieWrap lasts all 18 holes in the most humid days and also in the rain. The pre-cut strips are easy to apply in the middle of a round too! It never slips, spins or budges at all. The amount of stretch is perfect - I have full range of motion and it has the perfect amount of cushion. It also never leaves a sticky residue.
BirdieWrap is a game-changer and truly the bee’s knees!
I’ve been using BirdieWrap for almost a year now and can’t say enough about how good this product is. I used to carry band-aids in my golf bag as like many golfers, as blisters, dryness and cuts on fingers often develop. BirdieWrap is much easier to use, and cleaner with no sticky residue, and also looks good.
I am blown away by BirdieWrap!! Especially since I have been struggling recently with adhesive tape, band-aids and the other poor-quality golf finger tape on the market. Your product is a winner for all of the right reasons. Put it on as soon as it arrived today. Picked up a club and went out to the backyard and tested for a while. What a difference. Perfect easy-to-use strips, nicely stretchy, easy to apply and doesn’t leave a lot of sticky stuff behind after removal. Barely know they are on my fingers if not for the colorful logo and of course the absence of pain from the hot spots. Thanks a million BirdieWrap!
If you are looking for finger tape that works, look no further! It’s breathable, durable, and easy to use with the precut sections of tape! I love it so much I gave it as stocking stuffers for Christmas!
I have enjoyed using BirdieWrap on the course and it’s become a must-have in my golf bag. It’s been a lifesaver mid-round and on the range when I happen to have a blister. It also has a much better feel than regular band-aids and I love the bright color!