The only part of our body that connects us to the clubs we swing. Feet keep us balanced, hips and shoulders rotate and coil to provide power, but only the hands anchor us to the golf club. Whether it be the driver, for a powerful straight drive, or the putter for that short tap-in, our hands are key to the game. The condition of our hands is essential to our performance in golf, with many linking their hands with "feel". Hands that are sore, blistered, or riddled with hot spots are no more useful than an old hardened slippery grip. So how do we "fix the feel"?

For decades, golfers combating worn, beat-up hands have had to turn to generic athletic tape or medical bandages. These are fine in the short term, but the generic athletic tape is inflexible, difficult to apply, isn’t breathable, and tends to lose shape easily. Bandages aren’t strong enough, fall off easily, and don’t provide full coverage. We’ve changed that with the invention of BirdieWrap: the first sports tape designed specifically for the needs of golfers. Pre-cut strips with rounded edges made from breathable cotton fabric that has multi-directional stretch, and strong adhesive. It is the solution to on-course hot spots, blisters, and worn-out hands. BirdieWrap is designed to maintain its shape with the best durability and flexibility. It is designed to last and not fall off with its rounded corners for better adhesion. And with pre-cut strips, no more jagged edges that fray, look terrible, and perform even worse.

We are dedicated to fixing the feel and preserving the fun of golf. Invest in a roll of BirdieWrap and we think you'll love the game even more.

Hit it straight!

Nick & Jason

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