Learning the game of golf at a young age did so much for both of us.

For me, it was the first non-team sport or game I played, and there was so much to it. The rules of the game, reading greens, trying to figure out why I was slicing the ball so much, it hooked me. Through golf I met some of my lifelong friends and picked up a game that I’ll hopefully play as long as I can walk.

For many, golf teaches respect, integrity, and perseverance. What other game do we have where you yell out if the ball you just struck might hit someone? Or the respect of making sure to not walk on another golfer’s putting line? Or not talking during another player's backswing?

As a teenager, golf led me to caddie in the summers for a local club in Ohio and learn even more about the game. Later in life, golf has been a go-to activity to build relationships, whether it’s personal or for business. Where else can you have hours of dedicated time with someone in the beautiful outdoors, getting to know them through golf?

It’s safe to say you learn a lot through golf; about yourself, and others. We believe in the learning through golf and have talked about giving to the First Tee since the early days of BirdieWrap. We’ve recently partnered with the First Tee of Seattle and have provided BirdieWrap to all of the young golfers taking part in the 2021 January & February golf clinics. We’re also hoping to partner with other First Tee chapters across the country. We want these young golfers to love the game, and want to do what we can to help!

See you on the course,


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