Many golfers wear tape on their fingers to prevent or cover up hot spots, blisters, calluses, cuts, and other uncomfortable distractions. It's part of their prep, covering up the fingers that tend to get mangled during a round of golf or a long session at the range.

  • Got a few tees in your pocket?

  • Ball marker?

  • Divot repair tool?

  • Extra ball for reloading?

  • Fingers taped?

Some PGA pro's have had to withdraw from a match because of blisters on their hands. So why wouldn't us mere golf mortals tape up our fingers so we can be as comfortable as possible, and feel our best out on the golf course?

One pro that's been wearing tape on his hands for decades is Tiger Woods. As part of his "callus and blister management" routine, he wears white medical tape on this right middle finger. You'll see him wear it during his practice session and on the course, without fail. He always has it on. He says that without it, the callus that's formed from thousands of golf swings every month, splits open, and it's really painful.

Now that we've mentioned it, you'll probably notice many golfers wearing sports tape. Justin Leonard was known for wearing tape, and Justin Thomas always keeps it in his bag.

What do you keep in your golf bag to help with hot spots, blisters, and calluses? Give BirdieWrap a try over band-aids or white medical tape, we think you'll love it.

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